The gap between domestic and foreign brands to increase hardware tools industry

2016-06-18 12:26:40 -

Domestic hardware tools market with the competition in the industry increased rapidly, hardware companies face not only the domestic hardware industry, the seller, there are some major brands of foreign hardware companies. In China's hardware industry, the emergence of the "Southern middle, north off" a particular phenomenon, Guangdong, Shanghai and other coastal cities have become the major manufacturing industries. But the domestic hardware industry compared with foreign metal, the gap between the brand and quality as the most obvious differences. 

        Domestic hardware companies to build their own brand is not very great importance in the domestic market competition is still relying on low prices to gain market share. Country apart from a few high-end products, most of them are low grade, low-tech products, mainly rely on cheap labor to lower costs of inputs. Domestic products of high imitation products very serious, most of the products of other branded products are based on the design and production. Rough work, and foreign products in the very different appearance. 

        With the joint localization of brands is becoming more and large-scale production, is bound to cause lower costs, while foreign brands into the hardware, will widen the gap between domestic hardware tools, safety, environmental protection, energy saving economical hardware tools for domestic brands to bring greater pressure.

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