How to Know A Soldering Tip's Quality

2016-11-10 17:19:41 -

Many people ask us a question, how to know the soldering tip's quality? According to our experience, there’re about 6 tips that can judge the soldering tips quality:


1. Size.

It’s not necessary to nit-pick the size; what you should care is the mounting dimension, tip usage dimension.


2. Appearance.

Do care what the color is, no matter the color is black, bright or white, the color plated on the tip is only served for antirust and tin climb; no matter what the color is, it’s must be chrome plating.


3. Pinhole

It’s necessary to look the tip carefully, if there’s pinhole on the tip, then the soldering tip must be bad.


4. Inner Bore

If the soldering tips have inner bore, the inner appearance should be as smooth as possible.


5. Destructive Test

It’s a high level testing method. Cut the whole soldering tip to see the tip’s basement layer, the basement layer should be red copper; the iron-plating layer should be thick, but not too thick, the thickness is best between 0.8mm to 1.1mm.


6. Lead-free

If the tip is lead-free soldering tip, the pre-tinned part is not so good looking because the pure tin doesn’t have very good flowability, it looks a bit black but such tip has very good tinning ability.

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