70th China Electronics Shenzhen HC HC360 interview Gerun Electronics Co., Ltd. Manager - Yan Bo

2016-06-18 12:20:54 -

70th China Electronics Fair on November 14, 2007 to 17 in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened. 

The China Electronics Fair, there will be sixty thousand high-quality buyers attended, will be launched over the same period in 2007 Asia Electronics Show.



It is reported that China Electronics Fair CEF is the only Ministry of Commerce of the PRC Ministry of Information Industry, the full support of the National Electronics Show, is China's most authoritative and comprehensive professional Electronics Show, but also the longest in Chinese history, the widest range, most far-reaching, the largest professional Electronics Show. 

China Electronics Fair's international influence is high, as China's largest electronics show, CEF is a coalition of Asia Electronics Exhibition (AEECC) one of five members, with the Japan Electronics Show (CEATECJAPAN), Korea Electronics Show (KES), Taiwan's electronics Show (Taitronics), the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HKElectronicsFair) and five as Asian Electronics Show. 

Held in conjunction with the 2007 Asia Electronics Show from the above five major electronics exhibition jointly, with the five countries show improvement in their sales channels, industry position and appeal, and the huge Chinese market attractiveness, AEES has become a launch darling of the market, attracted to the Samsung, LG, Hyundai Electronics, Sharp, Japan Murata Manufacturing Association, Omron, TDK, Changhong, TCL, Infineon, Avnet and other heavyweight corporate exhibitors. AEES2007 range of exhibits including: audio-visual, telecommunications and home appliance products. 

Run tip preferred electronic format, Shenzhen Gerun Electronics Co., Ltd., specializes in high quality environmentally friendly lead-free tip of the technology development and production. 8 years, led by lead-free soldering process, to create "Green" (green) brand of high quality lead-free tip, in domestic and international marketing, industry reputation. 

The company targets the global market, has successfully developed a high-quality, Japan HAKKO tip (white 900M Series T12 Series T18 Series tip), Germany WELLER tip (tip Ville LT series), Japan GOOT tip (too Yang tip), QUICK tip (crack tip 200 series), especially HAKKO 900M series tip, crack tip 200 series, T12 series white tip, WELLER Ville LT series, has formed the scale of production, a large number of stocks with the supply of goods. 

With advanced foreign production equipment, mature manufacturing experience and expertise plating technology, the company's tip has passed the SGS certification with: environmental protection, long life, high temperature solder, tin and smooth top to bottom, heat works well, although the precise characteristics of inch . Has several well-known domestic and foreign electronics companies to establish a good working relationship, but also a number of large-scale electronic, electrical appliances, electrical equipment, terminals and other enterprises designated suppliers. 

Mission: "high quality, excellent service, low prices, open the green door into the world"; 

Business philosophy: "The best products dedicated to obtain a reasonable efficiency, achieve win-win"; 

Our products ready for you to create a better and more excellent welding, welding to be your source for Green! 

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