What difficulties will be encountered in lead-free soldering?

2016-06-21 09:47:29 -

I. high temperature welding will destroy some of the electronic components, including plastic connectors, relays, light-emitting diodes, electrolytic capacitors and multilayer ceramic capacitors

Ii. high temperature will cause the circuit board to bend, resulting in multilayer ceramic capacitor damage (common damage)

III. high temperature welding will cause thermal shock to the components

IV. high temperature will make the plastic components dissolved or deformed

V. high temperature welding will accelerate oxidation, affect the diffusion and wettability of solder

Vi. need to use high activity (corrosive) flux

Vii. to provide more heat and welding for a long time before they can achieve the desired effect of welding

Viii. is easy to produce tin bridge and weld, and not easy to modify

IX. is easy to produce solder and flux scattering

X. shortened solder nozzle life

Xi. solder joint color will be more bleak

Xii. operators will not meet, worry about whether the need to change the welding mode

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